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You love your family, but you don’t always love your experience of living with them.

It isn’t enough to simply feel love for your family. You have to know how to express your love daily so that your relationships will be healthy and strong when conflict and challenges arise.

A Vision of a Loving, Peaceful, Thriving Family


African FamilyLike many people, you may be unhappy with the model of relationship you learned from growing up. You may believe that it is inevitable that relationships will run into trouble and that all you can do is endure the difficulties or break up.

I want you to know that it is possible to create and maintain a loving, peaceful and thriving family – a family you love living with!

This doesn’t mean you won’t ever have challenges. Conflict is an inherent aspect of life. When you know how to move through conflict with Spirit and Skill, your challenges become opportunities for increasing the love, peace and joy in your family.

A loving, peaceful, thriving family knows how to:

  • Turn to one another for support, encouragement and camaraderie
  • Connect with one another in meaningful ways
  • Enjoy the time you spend together
  • Communicate with compassion, honesty and safety
  • Create and maintain a strong, vibrant and special marriage
  • Love, support and guide your children as they navigate the challenges of growing up and finding their way in the world
  • Work through conflicts in a safe and caring way that honors everyone’s needs

I help families become more loving, peaceful, safe, happy and joyful. 

AMSufi5OSsmallGreetings of Peace to you!  I am Amina Melody Pryor. I am a Certified Family Life Coach, Sufi Minister and Teacher, and am currently enrolled in an Advanced (masters-level) training program in Spiritual Peacemaking and Family Mediation. My credentials include 35 years of real life experience in family relationships – a long term marriage, three adult children, parents, brothers, sister, nieces and nephews. When my children were little, it broke my heart to experience ways my family was in conflict with one another.  I wanted a loving, peaceful, thriving family so I learned how to create one. Healing my own relationships fuels my passion for helping other families live in love and peace.

Smiling family on beach.Through all my training and life experience I have learned that it takes two things to have a loving, peaceful, thriving family – practical skills and spiritual process. When you weave together Spirit and Skill, you will experience The Sacred Art of Family™ and the joy of what makes your family special and unique.

What My Clients Say About This Work:

“I just want to share how grateful I feel for the support you offered today in the relationship class. When I arrived back home, I felt SUCH a difference in the way I connected with my family and in my heart I felt so much peace! I am really excited about being in your classes and look forward to the next one! Thank you!”  –RM

 What would it mean to you to experience more love in your daily family life, starting right now?

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